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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  April 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. we begin with breaking news of a plane in washington, d.c. that landed in north carolina after a bomb threat was made on board. the continental airlines yet landed in greens bro. an 8-year-old considered suicide after she says shells the school harassed her and students beat her. >> hi don. three students here have already been suspended, but the victim's mother says she does not think the school administration here is taking this problem seriously. the 8-year-old's mother says bullying pushed her daughter to the extreme. >> my daughter said she wanted to jump out the window. >> reporter: she says she's
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within beaten since she was 6. >> you can't just put a band aid over it and think it is going to go away. you have to fix it. you can't keep pacifying it. that's what angers me. that's what makes me mad. >> reporter: this isn't the only story. other students have come forward saying they have been bullied. so far 17 students have been suspended for harassing other classmates. three of them suspended for shaniya's abuse. >> any time you have one student that's doing something that distracts themselves or other students is cause for concern and is something we want to address. >> reporter: the mayor says she sakes the bullying problems seriously and encourages parents and students to use the tip line. >> my hope is they will use the resources that are available and we can avoid some of these problems in the future.
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>> reporter: the school principal here says they will be speaking to each and every grade about the problems of bullying over the next few days. live at gilmore elementary, derrick valcourt, abc news. >> thank you, derrick. county police have arrested two dozen people after a six month investigation targeting drug and gangs. ron matz is live with the details. good afternoon, ron. >> reporter: afternoon, jessica. continuing bang and drug activity that was crediting to violent crime in the area. 23 people were taken into custody, and an arrest warrant has beenish shied for 20-year- old deondre davis. all the suspects are facing drug charges along with various
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other offenses. in addition, five vehicles and more than $3,000 cash were seized. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. baltimore city police are investigating after a man in his 20s was shot in the head about a block off york road last night. he was pronounced dead last night. whoever did it is still on the loose. a small plane crashed in kentucky. two people were killed when the plane crashed on its way to mississippi overnight. federal investigators are now looking into why the plane disappeared shortly before the crash. baltimore city council president has retailerred a home loan for his sister. the jack young sis transference did not fulfill requirements to receive a federal loan. the money was used to buy a louse in east baltimore.
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jack young moved into the home after his sister moved out. the city solicitor cleared young of any wrong doing. senate gridlock on financial reform. republicans have been unified in their reform against debecame as joel brown reports -- debates as joel brown reports. >> reporter: senate democrats will try to fire up debate a third time. now they think they have the ammunition. >> how much of that did you sell. >> u.s. oversight then a pit boss in las vegas. >> reporter: democrats are hoping the tongue lashing of goldman will convince at least one republican to vote yes and get debates started. republicans have blocked debates so far. >> the last thing we want is for the little guy to get hurt by a piece of legislation that's been intended to reign
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in bankers on wall street. >> reporter: they are doing everything they can to make sure at least some of their ideas are included in the final product. the gop plan forces creditors and shareholders to take responsibility for disman telling large banks instead of taxpayers and it shrinks the amount of consumer protection the white house and democrats have called for. >> it is one thing to oppose reform, but to oppose just even talking about reform in front of the american people and having a legitimate debate, that's not right. >> reporter: there are sirens that republican resist tense may be weakening. at least one senator said he'll vote yes to start debating if the closed door discussions between both parties reaches a stand still. in washington, joel brown, eyewitness news. >> the president says the
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economic forecast shows signs of progress. new claims for jobless benefits have declined. u.s. attorney genric holder says the federal -- general eric holder says the law will allow police to question anyone about their immigration status if they suspect someone is in the state of arizona illegally. it would make a crime for them to have registration documents. it could lead to racial profiling, some say. thousands are without power in the northeast after a spring snowstorm there. forecasters say parts of new york and northern vermont got more than a foot of snow. about 15,000 people are still out children and some school children are enjoying an inks possibilitied snow -- unexpected snow day. >> reporter: no problem here. marty is in the outback. first we begin with
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meteorologist bernadette woods in the weather center. can you imagine having to get the boots out again, bern. >> reporter: did you see that? >> i just want you to know i'd be in the home. >> reporter: yeah. all right. onto this forecast. not dealing with snow but a chilly morning out there. frost advisories in effect. it got down to 34 degrees at dwi marshall. this afternoon we've recovered somewhat. we are already up to 51 here in baltimore. 53 in dc. this is just the beginning of a warm warming trend that will continue. here is marty for more. >> thank you, bern different i just happened to -- bernadette. i just happened to turn around. during the height of these blizzards, i can't believe that any of this has come back to life as have all the azalias and flowering plants in the area over the past couple
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weeks. it is truly a miracle of nature. lit's go ahead and take a look at how we're really going to get into some beautiful, beautiful conditions over the next couple days. tomorrow we're going to warm up in the 60s. our weekend outlook, there is going to be a big surge of warm if not hot air moving right up the eastern seaboard right to your neighborhood. folks, we're talking mid-80s on saturday. we'll throw it back inside. >> thank you very much party. just as that weather approaches if, the company is encouraging limited income customers to participate in the energy assistance program. pge says there are about 200,000 customers in the area who would call if i for the grant, but only 50,000 of them
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have applied to far. call 800-352-1446. after a road trip, the o's return looking to turn things around against the yankees. today on masn orioles report, another big game. tying the game at two in the sixth inning. he had an rbi in all three games since being call canned up to the majors. in his first major league game, the pitcher slows out the game. and stay with masn as the birds continue with the boston red sox this weekend. >> i hope they win. >> yeah. they could to it again. still to come, the oil spilling in the gulf of mexico.
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the submerged oil rig threatens louisiana coast as of now. why one california county has banned restaurants from includings toys in kids' meals. let's take another live look outside. your complete weather forecast is still coming up. guys remember,
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we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
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jury deliberations continue in the sarah palin e-mail hacking trial. deliberations started yesterday in the felony case against the 22-year-old. prosecutors say he hacked into palin's yahoo account by providing her date of birth, zip code and answering where she met her husband. yesterday the jury asked if unauthorized access to a computer means only locking on or if other things are involved. his lawyer calls the incident a prank. the coast guard is setting fire to the gulf of mexico to keep the mess away from the shoreline. thousands of gallons of oil are leaking from the bottom of the gulf into the water since an explosion last week. 11 workers are still missing and presumed dead at this point. the experts say burning the
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surface oil is one of the best ways to deal with an oil slick this large. keeping children from eating too much fast food. the county will prohibit restaurants to use toys to entice children to eat unhealthy food. the law is directed at toys toward happy meals and say it entices children to feast on fried, fatty foods. take a live look outside. please stay tuned. meteorologist bernadette woods will be back in about two and a half minutes with your first morning weather forecast. first, let's take a look at the mid-day stocks followed by last ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. yes, it was a cold morning out there. 34 degrees is with we hit at d -- what we hit at dwi marshall. the record, 33 degrees from '98. we were close. as you can see, every where it is pretty chilly. we will keep climbing into the low 60s. this is just the beginning because there is a big time warmup coming our way. it will be another chilly one. in addition, a red flag warning in effect on the eastern shore. the wednesdays are up out of
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the northwest. it is a very dry wind these winds are going to remain out tomorrow but they are going to start to turn around in the southwest and bring up warmer air. i'm going to show you across the region right now what we've got going on. snow in new england, that's going to dominate our forecast for the next few days. so, patchy clouds build up this afternoon. that's about it. tomorrow expect mostly sunny skies and again on friday as those temperatures really start to climb. the next storm coming our way is this one out here. it is going to do another round of severe weather in the middle part of the country. a better chance for thunderstorms on sunday. when we put that together you can see, not only is that storm going to move our way but it is going to pump up some real warmth with it. temperatures are climbing back into the 80s for the weekend. the cool forecast for today.
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breezy and getting to about 63 for our high. then tonight we go down to 39 degrees. tomorrow we start to warm it up. we're up to 72, mostly sunny skies. by friday into the 80s. we will have your 5-day with marty coming up in just a few minutes here. >> thank you, bern. why a new study says spicey foods can actually help some people lose weight. >> remember, wjz is always on. here are some stories we're following on our website. following on our website. go the ,,,,
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in today's eyewitness news health watch a new study phones spicey foods could help some people lose weight. hot peppers produce a substance that turns up the heat inside the body. researchers say that burns up using fat as a fuel. doctors say eating peppers to lose weight is more effective in people who are obese than people who are already lean. new evidence today that long term anabolic steroid use can cause heart damage. researchers say athletings who started using the illegal steroids in the 80s are now starting to show heart problems from their use. and, a study finds many older cancer patients are getting more high-tech imaging scans. a costly trend that can lead to
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welcome back, everybody. for the 5-day forecast, here is marty. >> reporter: the clouds block the sun. it is a little bit tough here.
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starting tomorrow and moving through the weekend, look at those numbers. we'll be calling those shade clouds. enjoy what's coming up, folks. back inside. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. ,,,, this is your first picture. that's mommy. and this... this--that's for someone who can't wait to see you. we just press this little button. click on facebook and grammy's e-mail. and plug it in. and right now you're taking her breath away.
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